The problems of youth in Turkey

Education isn’t balanced ,

As a young so many times I feel like I won’t be able to reach my goals because of my skills which are not enough for being a successful person. And I know the reason why I feel like that. Clearly it’s because of the education system in Turkey. As a matter of fact ,in my opinion that’s the most important problem that we have. For example during lock down our schools were closed by the government except “private schools". İt can’t be understandable. Every young people in Turkey deserve the same education system. İn the other hand education is not enough. After graduation so many high school student can’t talk English. Even English. When we are only 8 years old our young ages start with exams. İt’s too much pressure.


We can’t afford to buy our needs. We can’t do any social activity. We can’t dream to having a good life because of the economy in Turkey. We need to be hopefull and this country need to our hope. I will give an example -that one is really disappointing for me- in Germany only %4 people of the population working for minimum wage and this rate %41. İf we talk about +%10 of minimum wage this rate raises %57. That’s why we want to living in abroad.

Compharing generations,

I have to say that this one is drives me crazy. We are living in 2021 and elderly people always say that “it wasn’t like that when I was young.” “you shouldn’t act like that because it’s not appropriate.” these are nothing actually. They always judge us. But we need to learn something from them because they have so many experiences. They shouldn’t force us they should teach us in a good way. You can’t comphare the generation X and Z. They are completely different from each other.

İn my page these are the most important problems of youth. Of course we can diversify them but this 3 captions are common and spesific. They must be fixed immediately.


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