Exam stress and parent’s attitude

Being a student in Turkey might be the hardest thing. I have a lot of reasons to justify it. Children’s life starts with tests. They are just like horses which are raised for competitions. The first thing they have learned is ‘being competitive’.

First of all I will talk about the examination system;

If I had to describe it with just one sentence, I would say ‘the system which accept the students as stupid who can’t memorize unnecessary things.’ If you want to be successful in this system you just need to memorize and practice. Nobody will teach you that how to be a successful entrepreneur. Other bad side is our system is not constantly working because every 4–5 year our minister of education changes and makes some adjustments according to his/her (generally his) opinions. Just for saying ‘I did it.’ And we are lab rats. Therefore there’s no specific methods except math. Even if you want to be an art teacher you have do math because aptitude exams has been cancelled.

What about parent’s attitude?

Every parents want to see their children’s success without remember to support them. I will talk about the truth:

· Before an important exam , parents tell their children that ’you will succeed.’ What is the meaning of success? Nobody have to do tests it can’t be success. You should motivate your kid because it is your responsibility but please don’t force them. Already he/she has a lot of pressure so parents have to be supportive.

· Choice of profession; unfortunately now it is literally like ‘ if I can’t have the job which my parents want, what am I going to do ?’ parents decide the jobs which their children will have instead of them. They impose what they want.

· Other problem is relatives and other people. If the exam results are bad , parents tell the mark to other people more than as it be. Why they raise the mark ? it is shame. Imagine how your children feel bad… Instead of following their children’s dreams and proud of their determination, they boast with the mark which they couldn’t get.

So in this system it is impossible see how wide is our spectrum when it comes to our abilities. You have to improve yourself and find your goal. Also parents should be more sympathetic. Everything is hard try to make it easier.



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